Time Lapse Photography; or, Death to the Narrative

Time lapse photography is on the rise! With motion control equipment becoming ever more affordable photographers and filmmakers alike are flocking to either the major cities or the wild outback to capture and share some of the most beautiful short films around. It has made its most notable appearance lately in David Fincher’s award […]

Farewell to Norway, goodbye for now…

The past month I have read so many farewell posts from my fellow exchange students and now it is sadly my turn.  The last six months I’ve made new friends from all over the world and went on adventures to 7 different countries and many cities all over western Europe. I want to thank […]

Norway’s independence day and a trip to London!

May was quite the month, just two weeks after getting back from Brussels and Amsterdam I found myself hopping back on a plane headed for London, but not before pausing to celebrate Norway’s independence day on the 17th of May!
The 17th of May
Here is Irene in her national suit on our way to breakfast

It’s […]

Two more countries: The Netherlands and Belgium

May was quite the adventurous month with two more countries under my belt in the first two weeks!

With school winding down we decided to plan an inexpensive trip to a couple more countries and Belgium and The Netherlands fit the bill. In all the trip would be 5 days and we would stay in […]

Winter Gardens

During my stay here in Oslo I have had some down time so I spent some of it walking around exploring the city capturing architecture, people and street art. Growing up in San Diego I haven’t experienced much in terms of weather or the changing of seasons so I found the winter trees and […]

Legendary Cruise to Copenhagen

Earlier in the semester we were invited to sign up for a trip called the “Legendary cruise to Copenhagen”, it was not for a few months and was not free (unlike the Stenaline cruise) but promised to be well worth the cost and included students from many universities in Oslo. Before we knew it […]

Cabin trip in Geilo, Norway!

We decided to finish the winter off right with a weekend trip to Geilo, a few hours outside of Oslo, for a weekend filled with cross country skiing and snowboarding!

Preparing to leave, a little nervous for the snow covered Norwegian mountains

After a few hour drive we reached the cabin we were staying at, which […]

Back for seconds: Gothenburg and Berlin

The best part about living in Europe is the traveling! So, back to Gothenburg and Berlin I go…
Gothenburg round two
Well the trip started out in spectacular fashion, about an hour outside of Gothenburg our bus decided to catch on fire.

We were relaxing listening to some music when all of the sudden we were slamming […]

An American BBQ in a Norwegian cabin in the woods

Once upon a time there were 5 American exchange students in Oslo, Norway who hosted an American style bbq at a cabin in the woods for their fellow exchange students. Here is their story.
Planning and trail scouting

Throwing a bbq in a cabin in the woods for 30 exchange students in Norway is no easy […]

A night in Göteborg and another on the Stena Line round two!!

Well a couple more weeks have passed and as our classes are finishing off the lecture portion of the semester we are getting a little more aggressive with our planning of trips…
Off to Göteborg

We figured that for 60NOK round trip to Göteborg there was hardly a chance we would be disappointed. So, after almost […]